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Upscale the resolution/quality on 'Drawings' in PDF format
Upscale the resolution/quality on 'Drawings' in PDF format

On the web solution you can change/upscale the quality/resolution on drawings/blueprints in PDF format.

Updated over a week ago

Drawings/blueprints that are uploaded in a PDF format will be uploaded as files and not in a picture format (PNG / JPG). Sometimes this can affect the resolution when you zoom in on the drawing.

As a standard, the system uploads PDF files with a 'Drawing quality' set to 'Low'. This is because the 'Low' setting usually is sufficient enough, and it also minimizes the size of the file size and reduces the loading time when opening up a drawing.

If you have the need to upscale the quality you can change the quality to 'Medium' or 'High' (this will only give an effect on PDF files where the image quality is good, to begin with).

Do the following steps to change the quality from 'Low':

  1. Log in to the web solution and open the correct project and click on the 'Drawings' tab.

  2. Open the drawing you wish to upscale the quality on.

  3. Click on the menu icon (three dots) in the top right corner and thereafter click on 'Drawing information'.

  4. Change the setting from 'Low' to 'Medium' or 'High' and click on 'Save'.

  5. The PDF quality will update automatically after saving.

(Click on the picture below to see it in its original size and to open it in another tab)

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