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Use 'Tags' to organize your project's items
Use 'Tags' to organize your project's items

Tags can help you organize your work, and to do specific tasks in a good way.

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Do you wish to keep track of and organize your project 'Items' in a good manner?

Using 'Tags' when creating 'Items' is key here. If an 'Item' has one or more tags you can filter out specific tasks that are tied to specific work or routines. The filter function and the use of tags make it easy to create reports containing a specific selection of 'Items', and also make it easy to group up the correct 'Items' and assign multiple 'Items' to the correct person.

Here are a few tag examples:

Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Paint, Deviation and etc.

Here is an example of how you can use the filter function in your 'Items' list:

Let's say you wish to find all the work that is tied to the tags 'Carpenter' and 'Deviation', then you could perform the following steps:

  1. Type in "Carpenter" or check off the tag from the dropdown list under 'Tags' in the filter options.

  2. Do the same for "Deviation" so that the 'Tag' is added to the filter.

  3. Now you have applied a filter that shows the work that is explicitly correlated to 'Carpenter' and 'Deviation'.

You can at any time clear your filter selection by clicking on 'Clear filter' (a button located in the upper right corner in the 'Items' list).

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