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What are Forms in Next Field?
What are Forms in Next Field?

Learn more about forms and checklist functionality in Next Field

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Forms Pro is an add-on and is not available as a standard. This add-on module gives you access to create and customize your own checklists and protocols. You also get a set of standard checklists that you can use, copy and make your own versions of. Examples of checklists and protocols could be; Quality Control, EHS, Safety inspection, Hand-over, and so on. Contact us if you wish to get access to this module.

Use checklists on the CHECKD 'Field' app

  1. Select the project you are working on.

  2. While viewing your project, select the 'Reports' tab on the bottom.

  3. On the 'Reports' tab, you will get an overview of both checklist reports and Itemreports.

  4. Click on the (+) icon to select the desired checklist.

  5. Now fill out the checklist and then click on 'Save'.

  6. Give your checklist a name, e.g. 'Quality control - Building B - 17.01.2022', and then click on 'OK'.

  7. You can now find your checklist in the 'Reports' tab.

Administer checklists on

The checklists (forms) which are available on a specific project are administrated when you create the project, or when you edit project information in the information tab. In the information tab, scroll down to the 'Project FORMS Templates' and click on the pencil icon to start adding or removing 'Project FORMS Templates'.

If you wish that your 'Project FORMS Templates' shall be available to all project members, you must remember to check the 'Enable public templates for all project members' box. This way, partners and sub-contractors, etc. can get access to and use these checklists.

To learn how to create your own 'FROMS Templates' (checklists), please click here.

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