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Place a item on drawing, after you have created it
Place a item on drawing, after you have created it

Give your item a location on a drawing, after you've created it

Updated over a week ago

You don't always have time to place an item on a drawing when you're working in the field, or at your computer. You can always place the item on your drawing at any point later on. This means you can also create items without placing them on a drawing, you can read more about that here.

To place an item, do the following:

  1. Open the CHECKD Field app, and then the project.

  2. Find the item you want to place

  3. When you have opened the item, click the menu button located in the top right corner (marked by three dots)

  4. Choose "place item on drawing"

  5. Pick drawing you want to place item on

  6. Zoom in and find the area you want to place the item. Hold your finger on the drawing for halv a second, and then drag your finger to the desired location. The second you lift your finger, the item is placed

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