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Delete an image from a checklist report
Delete an image from a checklist report

Learn more about how you can delete images from a checklist report (only possible while using the Field app)

Updated over a week ago

Have you taken pictures and uploaded them to a checklist report with the use of the 'Camera' element? Maybe you have uploaded the wrong photo/s and wish to remove them. Perform the following steps to delete one or more photos from the checklist report:

NB! This can only be done on the Field app and not on the WEB client

  1. On your phone/tablet, open the checklist that contains one or more photos that you wish to delete

  2. Find the photos you have in mind

  3. Click on the 'Delete' button under each photo to delete it.

  4. You will now get the following question; "Are you sure you want to delete this image? This cannot be undone" and the alternatives 'No' or 'Yes'. Click on 'Yes'.

  5. The photo has now been permanently deleted from the checklist

  6. Click on the 'Save' button in the bottom right corner when you are done editing.

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