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How to Use Filters in Next Project

How to Use Filters in Next Project

Updated over a week ago

The function is universal in Next Project. The example below was taken from the Project Overview module, however, the principle is the same in all modules that have the filtering function.

  1. Open the module in which you want to filter information, such as the Project Overview. Select the level (project) in the project tree for which you want to filter information, or select the level and the underlying projects by clicking on the icon to Show underlying data above the project tree.

  2. Activate the filter by clicking on the filter icon.

  3. A green row will appear. Click on the green cell under the column for which you want to set a filter, such as Project Manager and Status.

  4. Choose one or more values, such as all projects of a specific project manager that are in the ordered status. Click the filter button.

  5. The results will be displayed at the top, in this example for all projects in the ordered status for the selected project manager in the marked project and its underlying projects in the project tree.

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