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FORMS Builder - Camera
FORMS Builder - Camera

Use the camera element to take photos/pictures with your phone/tablet.

Updated over a week ago

With the 'Camera' element you can take/upload photos directly to your form (checklist).

Do the following steps to set up the 'Camera' element in the Forms Pro builder:

  1. Click on the plus (+) icon where it says 'Camera' on your left-hand side

  2. Click on the 'Camera' element again after it has been added to the report structure to open it.

  3. Give the 'Camera' element a relevant title, e.g. "Take photos"

  4. You can check off the options 'Half' or 'Quarter' if you would like that the 'Camera' element to only show on half or quarter of a line (only relevant for PDF reports).

NB! To be able to make and use Forms templates you need to have the 'Forms Pro' module activated on your company's license. If you are interested in this functionality, please contact support for more information.

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