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Item tag manager (Standardized tags)
Item tag manager (Standardized tags)

Make the same set of standard tags available on all projects you create

Updated over a week ago

Tags are used for filtering data and using relevant tags when creating 'Items' (tasks) makes it much easier to keep track of your work and to make reports out of the 'Items' (tasks) that have been created.

If you use the 'Item tag manager' to fill in a standard set of tags, this set of tags will be available as a standard on each new project that you create. E.g. when a worker is out in the field creating an 'Item', he/she can choose from a list of standard tags when labeling the work he/she is registering, instead of creating new ones each time. This is recommended because if everyone were to make their own tags, you could end up with a lot of irrelevant tags (spelling errors and etc.)

To set up standard tags, you can do the following steps:

  1. Log in to

  2. Make sure you have the role 'Company Admin'

  3. Go to the company page - 'My Company' in the main menu on the left hand side.

  4. Open the drop-down list where it says 'Item tag manager'

  5. In the text field, write a word you want to have as a tag, and then click enter on your keyboard. Do the same with other relevant words (carpenter, electrician, painter, steel, wood, doors, windows and etc.)

  6. Now, when you create a new project, you will see that all the tags you set up in the 'Item tag manager' is available as a standard and can be added to the project

Keep in mind that if you add or remove tags from the 'Item tag manager', it will not affect the projects that are already created, just future projects.

You can at any time edit (add/remove) the tags you add to a project after the project has been created. Just open the relevant project from your 'Projects' page, then click on the 'INFO' tab.

(Click on the photo below to see it in a separate tab)

The tags in the 'Item tag manager' is ready to use the next time you create a new project.

(Click on the photo below to see it in a separate tab)

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