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Create standardized tags for your company's projects
Create standardized tags for your company's projects

Tags managed on a company level will be available on all projects

Updated over a week ago

Streamline your projects with Next Field, also with tags you wish to use more than once. To create standardized tags, do the following steps:

  1. Go to 'My Company' in the menu on the left-hand side

    • You need an 'Admin' role to access this section

  2. Click on the tab 'Item tag manager'

  3. Type in the desired tag (text) and click on 'Enter' on your keyboard to add it to your company's item tag list.

  4. When you create a project, the tags from the 'Item tag manager' will be accessible by default.

  5. If you wish to remove one or several tags, click on the x-icon on the right-hand side.

You will always have the opportunity to edit and update your standardized 'Item tag' list, to best be able to customize your project information. Read more about how to use 'Item tags' by clicking on this link.
NB! Tags that you create for the whole company will only be avilable in new projects, and will not be added to projects that have already been created. To edit tags on an already existing project, you can go to the information tab and do it from there.

All tags that are created on a company level are accessible by default when creating a project:

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