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Pro tips for creating a project
Pro tips for creating a project
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Pointers on how to create a project in CHECKD

1. Creating a project name

[Project number] + [Name] + [Project information]

Project number is an identifier for the project. This number should be set first in the project name.
Name is a name you select for your project, that is logical to use when referring to a project.

Project information is additional information, e.g. 'Building A'

Your project name could loo something like this:

13765 - Kristiania Hotel - Building A

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2. Tags

Tags help identify which type of tasks/items you have in your project. The tag 'KS avvik' help identify that a task/item in tied to this spesific subject. You can use and combine multiple tags if necessary. E.g. 'Quality Assurance Deviation' , 'Own-inspection' and so on.

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Examples of standardized tags to use in a project:

Go to projects, click on 'New project', then select a project name, add the tags you need, and finally click on 'Create'.

3. Drawings/blueprints

Drawings/blueprints that you upload automatically gets optimized for the best view on both the WEB and Field APP. Drawings should be given a relevant name that help clarify what the drawing is for and which area it is meant for, e.g. building/floor/apartment. In Checkd the drawings will be sorted by numbers ascending, then following in an ascending alphabetical order.

NB! Be sure to use names that it easy to identify (Not external numbers from partners, or secret codes)


  • 1. Floor

  • House 3, 1. floor

  • House 3, 1. etasje, stairway A

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When the project is ready to work in, you can invite users (own employees and sub-contractors).

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