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How to work as a field worker in CHECKD
How to work as a field worker in CHECKD

This article guides you through all you need to know, to be able to use CHECKD in your daily work.

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Create an account and accept project invitations

To create an account in CHECKD you must first accept the invitation in the e-mail you have received. You should have received an email that looks like this (see picture below). Please note that you can not open the e-mail in Internet Explorer. (Click here for more information and links to other great browsers.)

(This is an automated e-mail. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check if it is in the spam folder)

To register, fill in:

  • Company name

  • Your name. This could be your full name, first name, surname or nickname. Please think of those who will be communicating with you in CHECKD and choose a name they will recognize.

  • Password. The password needs to contain at least 6 characters and is your login for both CHECKD web and the CHECKD Field app.

After registering, you will have the choice of accepting the project invitation. Press the blue button called "Accept invitation" to join. You will then be taken straight to the web version of CHECKD.

You have now gained access to CHECKD Field. You might also have gotten access to a project in CHECKD. So, how do you work as a field worker?

At this point, we advise you to continue to the CHECKD Field app.

Download the CHECKD Field app

Download CHECKD Field app here:

Once you have downloaded the Field app (and added it to the front page of your mobile phone), you can log in with your e-mail address and the password you selected when you created the account.

To see an overview of your tasks in the project, just click on it from the project list.

Useful tips:

From the project page, you will also see how many active tasks you have in a project, in addition to other information such as the number of drawings and reports.

From the top right corner you also have your bell icon. 🔔 That's where all your notifications end up, and you get quick access to the relevant tasks you are working on.


In a project you find your item list. Your tasks appear with different colors which explain their status:

  • Grey/black (Open)means you have made an item.

  • Red (Delegated) means it is delegated to you and waiting for you to accept it.

  • Yellow (In Progress) means that it is in progress. This is the phase where you go in and find the task, perform the work and take pictures. You can also communicate with the person who has delegated the task to you on the item.

  • Blue (Fixed) is the color the item gets when you have pushed the button to mark it as “ fixed” - i.e that you have completed the task. Then the person who has delegated the task to you receives a notification and can approve the task.

  • Green (Closed) means the item is approved and closed.

Inside the projects, the items are ready, and you can choose from the list which items you want to look at.

In the items you will find all the information you need for each task: photos, chat, drawing, description and so on. By tapping the magnifying glass 🔎 you can filter by tags and status / colors.

Receive an item

To receive an item that is delegated to you, there are two ways of receiving a notification:

  1. Push notification

  2. From the bell icon 🔔 in the app

  3. E-mail (you need to activate this under your profile at You can read more about it here.)

Tap on one of them and you will access the task directly. Then press the green button called ‘Accept task’ to accept that you are the one performing the job/task.

Once you have accepted the task, you can upload photos and communicate with the person who has delegated the job/item to you. This means that all questions and photo documentation only relate to the exact job you are at.

Creating an item

To create an item, first go into the drawing of your project. Zoom in where you want to place the pin/item, hold your finger (long press) for 0.5 seconds and drag your pin where you want to place it. When you release your finger, the menu of the pin/item pops up. You can now fill in the relevant information. You can also upload photos and delegate / send the task to someone.

Tips for better use of CHECKD Field

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